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Birthdate:Jan 29
I'm an nineteen-year-old, pansexual (although I usually say bi as not to let people think I fancy crockery or peter pan), atheist, asperger's autistic guy. I work in I.T. at a helpdesk part-time.

Interests (148):

'allo 'allo, 17 again, 50 first dates, alex lloyd, alice cooper, amadeus, american dreamz, art, asperger's, atheism, back to the future, black adder, black books, blue hawaii, bon jovi, bond, books, boston legal, boys don't cry, camp, catch me if you can, cheap trick, civil rights, claws by will weaver, coldplay, computer programming, crank, criminal minds, crocodile dundee, crossed wires in the phone book by jenny, culture club, dance on my grave by aiden chambers, darren hayes, david bowie, death at a funeral, dexter, dire straits, divinyls, dogma, enya, evermore, fanfiction, fiction, fracture, freddie mercury, freedom, freedom from censorship, freedom from religion, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, full metal jacket, garden of beasts by jeffery deaver, gattaca, gay marriage, georgie by malachy doyle, ghost town, gran torino, green day, hackers, hayley westenra, history, hogan's heroes, house m.d., human rights, hustle, i.t., individual rights, inspector rex, inxs, jackson c. frank, jeeves and wooster, john lennon, just like heaven, knowledge, law and order: criminal intent, liberty, life on mars?, listening to music, lord of war, lucky miles, m*a*s*h, making lists, mambo italiano, midsomer murders, monty python, moulin rouge, ncis, nigel kennedy, nofx, notting hill, numb3rs, one hour photo, open all hours, open-mindedness, peace and quiet, perfume: the story of a murderer, phil collins, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, playing music, playing sims 3, porridge, pride symbols, privacy, pursuit of happiness, quantum leap, queen, queer pride, queer rights, reading, red dwarf, richard marx, right to privacy, sarah brightman, savage garden, self-sufficiency, separation of church and state, sexuality, silence of the lambs, silence of the lambs by thomas harris, singing, slash, sleeping, sleeping with the enemy, some mothers do 'ave 'em, sting, sun dogs by jenny pausacker, sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street, the big bang theory, the departed, the good life, the importance of being earnest, the island, the narnia chronicles by c.s. lewis, the police, the sixth sense, the two ronnies, the vampire files by p. n. elrod, the who, tin man, touching earth lightly by margo lanagan, violin playing, watching movies, watching rugby league, watching tv, writing, yes minister
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